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BBC: Die Faschisten
vom Maidan

Und uns will man wieder einmal – im durch Zwangsgebühren finanzierten Staatsrundfunk ARD & Co. – erzählen, dass es sich hier um eine „Demokratiebewegung“ handelt?

Gut, dass es den „Feindsender“ BBC aus dem 2. Weltkrieg noch heute gibt.

Sonst würden wir wieder einmal nichts über die Täter erfahren.

Ukraine: Far-right armed with bats patrol Kiev
1 March 2014 Last updated at 00:40 GMT


Zensur ist gut!
Insbesondere, wenn sie erst die notwendige Aufmerksamkeit schafft …

Published on Dec 17, 2012

The Cultural Marxist dictatorship in Europe have now pressurised Warner Brothers into filing copyright claims on all Generation Identitaire videos under threats of prosecution for European „hate speech“ crimes, resulting in multiple strikes and terminations against thousands of video sharing accounts across the internet.

Und schon ist er wieder da – der Film, der wegen der Kombination von Aussage und Musik so viel in Bewegung gebracht hat:


Mal sehen …

– wie lange Tom Buhrow noch Tagesthemen-Sprecher bleibt?

So maybe it is time for some straight talk. The kind of talk that our governments don’t give us. My fellow Europeans, it is not us Germans who are turning away from Europe. It is you who never fully turned toward it.

We wanted to dissolve ourselves in a larger Union, you did not. That’s sad, but O.K. It does not mean we’ll start hating each other. We will continue to admire Greece’s contribution to European heritage, to love French beauty and culture, Italian friendliness, Spain’s beautiful coastlines and all the other wonders of our diverse Continent.

We will visit each other, do commerce and agree on projects that Germany will continue to fund. We’ll remain great friends. We’ll just not share the pin-code of our ATM card with you. That is reserved for a spouse, and we’ve waited a long time at the altar.

Tom Buhrow is the evening news anchor for the German television network ARD.