EILMELDUNG: Bisher unveröffentliche Teile des Manifests aufgetaucht …

– und die Uhr tickt!

(Bildquelle: SPIEGEL online, Christine Lagarde vor dem CoFR zur Finanzkrise in USA)

Es langt nicht die Probleme zu beschreiben – es muss auch gehandelt werden!

Was passiert jedoch nach dem zu äußerst verwerflichen „Handeln“ des Attentäters von Oslo?

Es folgt ein mediales Pogrom der europäischen System-Medien gegen alle, die angeblich für den Attentäter den Boden bereitet haben – mit dem Anspruch dadurch Probleme (z.B. der Integration von Migranten) zu lösen, die es ja angeblich vorher nie gab – und dann tauchen „bisher unveröffentlichte Teile des Manifests des Attentäters“ auf, die er sicher dankend in seine Aufzeichnungen übernommen hätte:

Despite signs that Muslims are beginning to succeed in business and academia in countries such as France and Germany, many analysts say most of Western Europe’s Muslims are poorly integrated into society. They cite closed ethnic neighborhoods, high crime rates in Muslim communities, calls for use of sharia law in Europe, the wearing of the veil, and other examples as evidence of a conflict with European values. Reacting to the November 2009 vote to constitutionally ban minarets in Switzerland, Oxford University scholar Tariq Ramadan wrote in the Christian Science Monitor: „Over the last two decades Islam has become connected to so many controversial debates … it is difficult for ordinary citizens to embrace this new Muslim presence as a positive factor.“ Fears over a possible major demographic shift toward Islam as well as ongoing Muslim assimilation problems highlight the continuing divide between Europe and its Muslim population.

„We have 2,600 mosques in Germany, and I don’t know a single imam who has a European education,“ political scientist Bassam Tibi told Deutsche-Welle. „How can they show the Muslim who live here how to live?“


Ticking Timebombs – nicht nur in Europa …

However, DoD — including Secretary Gates’s memoranda — still has not specifically named the threat represented by the Fort Hood attack as what it is: violent Islamist extremism. Instead, DoD’s approach subsumes this threat within workplace violence or undefined „violent extremism“ more generally. DoD’s failure to identify the threat of violent Islamist extremism explicitly and directly conflicts with DoD’s history of directly confronting white supremacism and other threatening activity among servicemembers. DoD should revise its policies and training in order to confront the threat of violent Islamist extremism directly.

More specifically, DoD should update its policies on extremism and religious accommodation to ensure that violent Islamist extremism is not tolerated. DoD should also train servicemembers on violent Islamist extremism and how it differs from Islamic religious belief and practices. Without this improved guidance and training, the behavioral tendency among superiors could be to avoid proper application of the current general policies to situations involving violent Islamist extremism.